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Welcome to "Galorian Creations" website. Here I've collected answers to common questions about the site, which will be updated over time.

Why do we need moral stories?

Stories have been with us ever since we learnt to gather around fires, look up at the skies and question our place on this planet. The ‘modern tribes’ such as nations, religions, institutions and other communities in which we are part of, create and shape our human nature. There is one very real reason we should pay attention to the stories we are told - one that takes us back to our very nature as thoughts create reality.

The time has come - it is for mankind’s survival that we must rise above our tribal mindset. As for that a fresh call is needed to rise above the division.

In other words, the stories we are told about ourselves and others influence who we become and what we do. If we are to rise to the increasingly complex challenges we face at a global level, we have to rise above the tribal mindset and as leaders start telling new stories based on universal compassion and mutual respect.

Why do we need new moral stories with AI robots and drones?

We all know that there are universal morals, and we also know that modern society is changing in a rapid pace. The natural environment of modern kids is not in farms or dark forests anymore but cities so they can’t fully grasp the meanings as in the past… the time has come, we need to share morals in a modern language and style that can relate to younger and future generations.

Weather it is a real pet with wearable or inserted technology or if it is an AI Robopet, kids whom are spending more time with machines will need the right guidance and mindset as to develop their EQ.

Educating toward friendly AI is of great importance. AI is in its nursery, same as a child, it take a few years before we will see robots and drones all around us and as a natural part of our daily life. Already now, we must educate kids with the morals and correct behavior as the way they will treat their AI robot friends, will influence the way they treat their human friends and our future AI friends and vis versa it will influence the way our AI friends will treat us as they will develop their IQ and EQ.

Why telling ‘new stories’ NOW?

We live in a time of change where new and more advanced social order is at its birth pangs. This is the era of decision, a "window" of an unprecedented freedom to decide our fate. Today, the critical period for adaptation to a new mindset is reduced to a single lifetime. New thinking that begins a sharper understanding of the changes in creating a new world in place of the old world. Nonetheless, for such a new thinking to be effective, we need to understand what it entails.

What we do - what everyone does - could tip the balance either way. Now of all times, the actions of small groups and even individuals are becoming more important. We must get rid of outdated beliefs and perceptions. The question we should all ask ourselves, from whatever nationality or religion we are, is - can you see that there is no ‘US’ and ‘THEM’ but only ‘WE’ and that we are all the same?

Why do we need to adopt a new mindset?

Progressing toward a more developed consciousness, a new mindset – a new culture with appropriate values stimulate the desire of human beings and bring with them a fresh burst of creativity. Fundamental changes arise in society followed by technological innovations that shake the acceptable institutions and existing structures. Structures and institutions that are better adapted await to the rise of a fit mindset in the greater part of society. But the decisive factor in our world isn't another technology, but the awakening of a new mindset, with new values and new concepts - and is the key to a new civilization.

The new mindset is not only about care and compassion, and the technological distance that separates us from animals, doesn’t make us more human than we already are and it doesn’t differentiate us from them. The new collective mindset is about the creative awakening that leads toward justice and integrity.

What is the purpose of the site and to whom it is intended?

The purpose of setting up the site is used as a tool for learning and assimilating virtues among children. The site was built to serve the entire public at large. Each parent is invited to visit the website, read about the virtues and morals, teach them to their kids, and thus grow and develop good virtues.

What do you wish kids to learn from your books?

Values! Such as to be able believe in yourself, have self-confidence, learn to cooperate, be altruistic, live life with respect, be creative and much more.

Why is it important to teach children good morals?

Our kids are the key to a more intelligent, abundant, safe, wealthy and healthy tomorrow on this planet. In those intelligent little seeds is the full potential of tomorrow’s leaders, business people, thinkers, artists, pioneers, visionaries, waiting to be stimulated and unleashed.

Family: Parents that educate for virtues will immediately see good results with their kids, the will to invest in school will grow, the desire to help parents and family will prevail and most important the children will be happier.

The education system: the education system in general and teachers in particular, must know that the foundation of good education is education for virtues. Students that are provided with good virtues, in time will develop their life quality based on good virtues and morals. They will be looking to help others and society and not only seek their own best interests.

Good qualities and ethical leadership – what is it?

First make sure our leaders will learn to behave! Public leaders, spiritual and political must serve as raw models of good behavior in terms of the attributes and values. A public whose leaders distort from their roles and moral behavior will probably fail and crime will increase.

Even if it does not always happen, it is our duty as citizens to learn and teach positive traits, correct the flaws in our morals and values, and become "ambassadors" of good virtues.

Another thing, the children of today are the leaders of tomorrow, so we must continue to educate the younger generations to virtue and thus prepare the ground for a new kind of ethical leadership.

In this journey there are no winners or losers.

As experienced adults sharing the same vision of a better tomorrow, YOU, ME, WE, NOW have the responsibility to help our kids in understanding human relationships, eco-environment, fair trade values and growing with creative ideas for effective solutions.

Again - why do we need morality?

It is good to remember that man is also good and also evil from its nature. Those are contrasts that can and must exist together! Those two are real expressions of a united personality as no man is perfect but it is to aspire for perfectionism.

Evil, stupidity, e-rationalism, simplicity, distress, childishness and more are all inseparable and legitimate parts of man, just as goodness, wisdom, rationalism, complexity, comfortableness, maturity are also part of man. All are in man at the same time and demand themselves an appropriate expression as inseparable and organic part of the process of its creation, its development and realization.

How we can improve?

Our success as a human species is our ability to cooperate. In order for any cooperation to be successful it needs to have trust in one another and in The System. We cannot change ourselves directly, but we have the power to improve our system, as individuals naturally obey and adopt altruistic behavior, this can happen only if the values of our society position altruism as a supreme value.

How do I as a parent should enjoy the site?

I suggest parents to begin reading the books as they find interesting, and proceed with discussions and activities with their children as recommended. A good time could be before bedtime, but of course it depends on each family. In addition, I propose to withdraw the sessions over several days. The weekend can be a great family reading time.